Voter Integrity



Voters across North Carolina report election integrity as a top issue of concern. It’s understandable. In 2020, Democrats used COVID-19 to weaken ballot security by enacting sweeping, last-minute alterations to the election process across the country as well as here in North Carolina.

In August, the Republican National Committee (RNC) produced an exhaustive, 24-page Election Integrity report created in consultation with 30 experts and complete with extensive research. It’s the latest example of how the GOP is taking unprecedented steps to promote election integrity and restore voter confidence while ensuring voting remains accessible and easy to all eligible voters. Download the full report here.

North Carolinians deserve to have trust in elections, the utmost confidence their ballot is protected, and their vote counts. That’s why the N.C. Republican Party has established a statewide Election Integrity Committee.

In advance of the 2020 election, the NCGOP spent two years recruiting and training over 500 attorneys and over 5000 poll observers across North Carolina. These volunteers observed absentee-by-mail approval meetings, early voting polls, election day polls, county canvasses, recount meetings, and protest hearings.

Volunteers also reviewed tens of thousands of documents obtained through public records requests for purposes of litigation and election protests. This was critical to putting the NCGOP in a strong position to fight for Chief Justice Newby in the process of recounts and over 100 election protests across the state. 

North Carolina has been nationally recognized for our “protect the vote effort.” In fact, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel is using North Carolina as a model for other states. Yet, our work is not finished. The statewide Election Integrity Committee and subcommittees will not rest until North Carolina voter confidence is restored. Volunteers are critical to the mission of this committee. Attorneys, election integrity monitors, poll workers - all play a critical role in making sure our 2022 elections are safe, secure, and trusted. Want to help?



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Your contribution will be vital to restoring voter confidence and protecting the ballot in 2022!