2023 Duplin County Leadership


Born and raised in Virginia, Andrew M. Odom has been a North Carolina resident for 14 years. He graduated from Florida State University and is a private contractor working in small business analysis and marketing. Andrew is married to an incredible "Kinston girl" and together they have a remarkable young patriot daughter. A marketing creator and graphic designer by trade he came to the Duplin County GOP with a desire to share his conservative beliefs with others as well as resurrect a patriotism and constitutionalism he feels has been deconstructed over the last 20 years. "Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives." - Ronald Reagan



While a resident of New York, George Kimball owned a security business. After a long and enjoyable career, George and his wife decided to retire to a slower pace of life in North Carolina. They have been in the Tarheel State for two years and have come to love the laid-back ways of the conservative culture. Says Kimball, "I have always been a conservative and wanted to help the Republicans so I got involved. I feel we must get America back on the right track."



Beverly Trobaugh loves God, loves her family, and loves America. After serving churches alongside her now retired pastor husband for 35 years, and after raising their two children who have children of their own, she has set her attention to serving her country by serving as secretary of the Duplin County Republican Party.






A former Highway Patrolman, Clint Blanton brings a lifetime of conservatism and dedication to the table. A general contractor and small business owner, he knows his way around a spreadsheet and is a great asset having been the Treasurer of the GOP for 12 years! Clint is married to Ms. Jean Blanton and is both a father and grandfather. 








Executive Committee

Andrew M. Odom, George Kimball, Beverly Trobaugh, Vickie Ezzell, Hilda Southerland, Adrain Arnett, Ray Kennedy (Party Chaplain), Lisa Fussell (Director of Communications), Amanda Ezzell, Clint Blanton (Director of Finance), Ken Brinson, Dale Rankin, Morgan Swinson, G. Braxton Price (Legal Counsel)